Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Everyone,

Thank you so much for reading, checking in and commenting on our blog, Fashion Misfits Anonymous.

After a lot of thinking and decision making, we have decided to end Fashion Misfits Anonymous. We are extremely sad to be ending this chapter, but the good news is that we both are starting a new chapter in our lives, and it will start here.

We will be returning with a COMPLETELY new blog and we are excited to be coming back to something that Champagne and I both enjoy doing.

We would again like to thank everyone who checked us out as Fashion Misfits Anonymous or FMA, and hope that you all join us as we begin making the blueprints of a whole new blog and after.

We love you all! Stay tuned!

With Love,
Champagne and Ursula.
Formerly Fashion Misfits Anonymous or FMA.